Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Parker's 3rd Birthday Party

Yeah! The Whitford's came back from Washington for a visit just in time for Parker's birthday party! Parker is Brooklyn's very best friend and we've already arranged for the two of them to get married someday. The details are still being worked out. Parker is exactly 4 weeks older than Brooklyn and now Melissa and I are 4 weeks apart in our 2nd pregnancies with Melissa having a girl this time and I'm having a boy. Sounds like we might have another marriage to arrange!

We miss them very much but glad they were able to come for a visit. Can't wait to see them again soon!

Brooklyn's First Day of Ballet

Brooklyn is now a little ballerina! She started her first ballet class this week and just loved it. She had a hard time staying in line when they were skipping across the floor and when another girl decided to run off and do her own thing, Brooklyn was the first to follow. I'm sure she'll catch on though.

About Us

Tim and I met at Utah State and were married a year later in September of 2001. We have an adorable little girl named, Brooklyn, and are expecting baby #2, a boy, any day now. We have moved back and forth from southern California and Utah, but are currently in Orem, Utah and will stay close by from now on. Tim is a commercial real estate agent and I am a busy mom and run a vinyl lettering business. Life is good.