Sunday, July 27, 2008


Remember way back when I was thinking about what my new hobbies were going to be now that I'm not working and have so much time on my hands as a stay at home mom of 3? Well, my food blog is up and running! Everyone be sure to check it out and add it to your list of blogs to visit regularly! I'm very excited about it! Thank you!

Satisfying My Sweet Tooth

ps...this is my 100th post! I'm supposed to announce that, right?!

It's so hard to say goodbye

I have to give a quick shout-out to our neighbors, The Halls. I have mentioned them in so many posts before because we pretty much do just about everything with them. They have been our neighbors for a year now and with just about 2 weeks notice, they had to pack up and move to Idaho for Adam's job and I'm so so SO sad!

Goodbye, Paisley!
We only got to know you for a short time, but you are such a blessing and a miracle. I was able to share all of the nervousness, anxiousness, and excitement with your mom because I was with her when she got the phone call that you were needing a family, when she got the phone call that you were about to enter the world, and when you finally arrived home. I got to see you at the hospital and I even got to take care of you while your mom and dad were busy packing up the house. Keslie will miss you lots!

Goodbye, Treycen!
We had so much fun with you over this past year! I loved that you would wander away from your house to come knock on my door. As soon as the door opened you would come right in and go straight for the basketballs and start shootin' hoops. Thank you for being such a good sport when Tallan would push you around. You have such a contagious laugh and smile and because of you, your mom got to stop working and be home all day so I could hang out with her!

Goodbye, Noah!
Oh, I mean Adam...thanks for helping Tim get out the door every Wednesday night for basketball. Thanks for all the sweet deals from Best Buy and helping us get the Wii and Guitar Hero before they all sold out. Thanks for making us laugh and for letting us beat you at every game we ever played together. Thanks for having the deacons dig sprinkler trenches in our backyard for their service project. You are great, but I don't think I can ever forgive you for moving your family away from us! How do you like that picture?

Goodbye, Amber!
Where do I begin? Thank you for being my babysitter, Brooklyn's Primary teacher, and our photographer. Thank you for shopping with me and eating junk food with me. Thank you for playing games with me and exercising with me. Thank you for letting us use your backyard for all of our parties and for letting us use your garden. Thank you for hanging out with me all day, every day, when I stopped working so I wouldn't go crazy. Thank you for being an amazing neighbor, and even better friend. What are we going to do without you??? (and why is is that I couldn't find any other pictures of you? I'm so lame for not taking more pictures!)

Good luck in Idaho and don't be surprised if I show up on your doorstep a few times! We already miss you like crazy! (And I'm still praying the job falls through!)

24th Celebrations

It's true...I have come to accept the fact that Utah has it's own special holiday on the 24th of July. But hey, as confused as I was when I first moved here as to why the 24th of July is almost as big of a celebration as the 4th, I won't complain about a day off work with parades and fireworks.

This year my sisters and I all met in Panguitch to hang out with my mom and Brian. Panguitch isn't exactly a very exciting town (no offense, Brian) so luckily Jenn found these cool rocket toys at the local "everything" mart and that kept the kids busy for hours. We went to the fairgrounds though to see the animals before the rodeo, celebrated my mom's bday with a beautiful cake I made, and headed down to main street to watch the Panguitch town parade in the morning. I can't forget the awesome breakfast my sisters and I had at Brian's cafe while my mom and John stayed home with all the kids. Thanks guys! After the parade, my kids and I headed home so we wouldn't be late for the Spanish Fork Rodeo with Tim's parents, and his brothers Matt and Jon with their families. I have to say, I love rodeos! They are so much fun! Maybe I'm really am a small town hick at heart.

Here are some pictures from our exciting 24th celebrations:

Emma and Keslie meeting for the first time

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Spoon Me

Although I have lots I could be blogging about with all the excitement that goes on in our household, I had to first give Spoon Me some love.

Spoon Me is an all natural frozen yogurt. It's not your typical sweet, ice cream tasting yogurt. It is healthy and the texture is so perfect. You should see the beautiful toppings they have to offer too. I have never seen such a variety of colorful fruit from berries, to mango, to kiwi. They do have some sprinkles and chocolate chips in case that's your style, but it's so good I can even eat it plain, or "topless" as they call it. The best part is that it's now open in Provo on Bulldog Ave, across the street from Provo High School and right next to Subway. (Location in Sandy now open too and St. George is coming soon) It is absolutely amazing, so take the drive and try it out. I'm sure you'll be addicted just as I am!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Flowers from nursery that are being stepped on: $10.00
Lawn mower from Costco: $100.00
New sod: $$$$lots!

Daddy's little buddy helping him mow the lawn: priceless

Keslie's Blessing

We had a really nice 4th of July weekend (where I didn't take any pictures) with the balloon festival Thursday morning in Provo, a neighborhood pancake breakfast that Amber, Steph, and I hosted for about 50 people on Friday morning, and BBQ and fireworks that evening with the Whitfords, of course! (Melissa, I will have to get pictures from you)

Sunday, July 6th, we blessed Keslie and we were so lucky to have both of her grandparents come along with lots of other family and friends. She was a very good girl and looked beautiful, of course, and Tim did a very nice job with the blessing.

We of course ate some really good food afterwards and enjoyed the Sunday afternoon in the Hall's backyard as usual.

Here are some cute pics of Keslie at 2 months old

Such a sweetheart!

San Diego

What a great excuse we had this year to get together for a family reunion. My grandma turned 80 and my grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary! Wow!

We drove down a day early to see some old friends...

This is Paige. I was her nanny for a very long time and she is very special to me. Now she is 13 and all grown up. I hadn't seen Paige in over 4 years and she is such a beautiful and sweet young lady now. It was so good to see her!

And of course we had to get together for a quick visit with the girls from USU. Kristin, Dre and her adorable boy, Luke, Laura, and me with my 3 kids (I was obviously distracted by something in this picture). We were able to do a little catching up and reminiscing. We missed the other girls and hope to finally get a reunion together soon.

Thursday we went to SeaWorld with Grandma Ehorn-Foy, and my sisters with their families. Look how big our family is getting and look at all the strollers! It was like a parade walking through the park. (We missed you, Joel!)

Here are the older kids. They had such a good time together going on all the rides and seeing all the shows. We lost Grandma and Brooklyn for a few hours, but other than that, no major disasters.

A side note about SeaWorld...they have really made things more family friendly which we all really appreciated. Air Conditioned nursing rooms with rocking chairs throughout the park, and child swap so we didn't have to wait in line on the Atlantis Ride. Tallan threw his $18 SeaWorld hat down under the ride, and they even went down and got it for us. We were very happy with our visit that day!

Friday we played at the beach all day!

That night we had a yummy BBQ on the lawn to celebrate my Grandma's birthday!

(From left to right: some of the "greats", 80 candles on the beautiful cake,
we each made a square for this quilt for my grandma and my mom put the whole thing together. Isn't it amazing?!, my grandparents with their kids (minus my dad, of course), grand and great grandkids, the "greats")

Saturday was more of the beach. The kids couldn't get enough!

Saturday night was a very nice dinner and program for the anniversary celebration. The theme was Polynesian, and we couldn't get over how adorable the kids all looked!

My family, Grandma and Grandpa with their granddaughters

learning a dance for the program

The great grandkids

the girl cousins and the boy cousins

We had such a good time spending time together and watching our kids play on the same beach, and in the same hotel where we played when we were their age. What an amazing legacy Grandma and Grandpa have started!