Friday, October 31, 2008

Is it over yet?

Okay, I know you are all probably shocked that this is my 2nd post in a week, but I'm really trying to spend less time baking and a few more minutes with the blogging thing.

What a crazy week this has been though! I'm so ready for Halloween to be over and we haven't even gone Trick or Treating yet! It's been one party after another and the good news is that we got more than our moneys worth in costume usage this year.

Brooklyn's friends and neighbors, Chayce and CharlySyd, Brooklyn, and Kate at the Primary Halloween party

Here's what Tallan thought about his chicken costume...

...he's a much happier monkey!

One of the best things about not working is that I get to do things with my kids that I missed out on before like helping at Brooklyn's preschool Halloween party.
decorating sugar cookies
Dry Ice Root Beer

Let's not forget about little Keslie! She is almost 6 months old already and I really can't believe it! She is a little lazy, if you ask my opinion. She is perfectly content for now just laying around watching her big sister and brother play as long as they don't get to close to her. Kind of like how most kids are with dogs. It's all fun and games until they start running right towards you! She is just adorable though and such a good natured and happy baby.
Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hello Friends, are you still there?

Does anyone even come by my blog anymore to see if we are still alive and kickin'? I bet everyone has given up on my completely! No time for family blogging at all anymore around here. My food blog is off and running and I have a hard enough time keeping up with it, but it's been so much fun! My neighbors have all really appreciated the treats they keep getting everytime I show up on their porches. So, real quick in hopes that someday I will be able to look back and laugh at my crazy life, here is what we have been up to...

A trip to Cornbelly's with the Youngers. The cornmaze this year was shaped like David Archuletta and while I think he's great and all, it took us FOREVER to get out of the dumb maze and they played only his songs the whole time! I was never happier to get out. The kids were hungry and tired and we lost all daylight so the last picture was just a guess as I really couldn't see anything!

It's a really good thing they had this speed limit sign in the parking lot. I'm sure it was easy for cars to keep to it!
Trying to keep the kids busy with Oobleck while I made a really good dinner one night. (Check out the Lemon Chicken on my food blog) I know, I totally encouraged this mess, but it still didn't prepare me for what was to come next. Let me just say that Tallan took things to the extreme.

Tallan has been giving me a run for my money lately and instead of having it stress me out every day, I've decided to try and laugh at all the trouble he has been getting into and focus on the positive instead. Here are a few pictures of some of the small events in the past month.

pink fingernail polish on the back of my bathroom door and all over the floor. could have been least it wasn't on our cabinets!

popcorn all over the floor and couch. could have been least it wasn't red punch!

this is my really cute Halloween bowl that I have had ever since Tim and I got married. tallan and brooklyn have broken it open twice already with 3 pounds of candy all over the place. it was a good project for them to sort it all for me to put back in though. could have been least they didn't eat all of the candy after it spilled out because it's a few years old!

the mojawk wasn't actually tallan's doing. tim shaved his head like that. tallan has tim's hair in that no matter how much product i use, I can't get it to follow commands so it just does it's own thing, but on this day, while Tallan was supposed to be asleep in his room, he put desitin all over his hair for the 2nd time that day. that stuff just doesn't wash out very easily. could have been worse...since his hair is already white, people couldn't really tell it was a greasy mess until he went outside and had bugs stuck in it. that's a true story and at least now we found something that will hold his hair in place!

this is the view from the loft upstairs looking down at the front door. tallan thinks it's absolutely hilarious to drop toys down. i don't think it's too funny when i have to carry them all back up to the playroom. could have been worse... no one was actually standing there this time when he was dropping toys down and at least he hasn't tried to jump down yet either!this is just a small taste of my daily fun with Tallan. I don't even want to get in to some of the other activities he has been doing lately!
now before you all go and judge me for neglecting Tallan, wondering where the heck I was all these times he was getting into trouble, let me just say that he is one quick kid, and I have 2 others that I have to take care of too. Those of you with little boys will know that it's not my fault!

We had some fun visitors this month and took a trip to Gardner Village to see the witches with my mom and sister and her kids, my grandma, a couple of aunts and some cousins too.

Other than that, you'll have to read on my food blog to see how busy it's been in our house. I will post about our fun week of non stop Halloween fun soon too! I hope you all get more treats than tricks like I do!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Brownie Week and a Giveaway

It's an exciting week on my food blog, Satisfying My Sweet Tooth! It's brownie week where I'll be featuring a new brownie every day and believe me, they are amazing! I'll also be doing my first ever giveaway. Leave a comment on Monday's brownie post by Friday, October 10 at 11:59pm and I'll announce the winner Monday, the 13th on my blog. Your comment must include what your dream brownie would be and the winner gets this awesome cookbook from Williams-Sonoma. Don't forget to come back everyday and see the brownie of the day and again the following Monday to see if you have won! (Anonymous comments will not be included in the drawing)

I LOVE this cookbook. It has SO many good recipes!
Good luck!