Sunday, August 31, 2008

Deal or No Deal?!

We just had such a fun weekend with old friends that I haven't seen for years. Jason and Elaine and their adorable twins came to stay for a few days and then tonight, Ross and Jessica and their cute girl, Brooklyn came over for dinner. I grew up with these guys and there is just something about old friends that are special. No matter how much time has passed, it's like we pick right back up where we left off...just with our spouses and a few kids!

Silly Faces!

So, here's the story...see, Ross' wife, Jessica, decided one day to go to an open casting here in Salt Lake for Deal or No Deal and she made it through all the rounds of interviews! They flew her and her "supporters" out to LA for a week and taped the show. Her show airs tomorrow, Sept 1, so be sure to watch and find out how she does! She basically signed her life away that she wouldn't say a word about it, so I'm really anxious to see it! She is in the commercials for possibly being 1 of 6 that gets the million dollars!

Go Jess!

Monday, August 25, 2008

My House is Quiet!

Do you hear that? Me neither! For the first time, and probably the last time ever...ALL 3 of my kids are asleep and it's only 10:20am! SO strange to not have kids climbing on me, throwing toys down the stairs, or asking for a snack. I would go take a picture of all of them sleeping, but I don't want to disturb anyone. Instead, I'm going to go read my book in peace and quiet! Can you believe I still haven't finished Breaking Dawn??? That's life with 3 kids of my own, and usually a few neighbor kids in the mix too.

Happy Monday!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


We have been having so much fun that we haven't had time to blog about it at all! Here is a not-so-quick update of what we have been up to the past two weeks now that I'm a stay at home mom...

A hike to Stewart Falls with Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa Flinders (I actually stayed home with Keslie to clean, grocery shop, and to start reading Breaking Dawn)

A trip to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point

LOTS of playing with friends (Brooklyn, Benny, and Lucy at the Primary Olympics)

Meeting up with Dre and Luke at the Children's Discovery Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. It was absolutely beautiful, but way too hot!

Brooklyn started (and finished) soccer. She loved being goalie best "because my legs get too tired". She really did awesome though. She is actually a very good runner and did really well at blocking goals and chasing after the ball when she wasn't too busy dancing around and daydreaming.

A super fun day in Huntsville with Laurel, Avery, and Ashton. We swam in the pool, took the jet skis out on Pine View Lake, and just played and played. The kids had a lot of fun together and Avery and Brooklyn are just so cute together! They are such good little friends considering they only see each other a few times a year. Hopefully they will move back to Utah sometime soon so Avery and Brooklyn can grown up closer together like Laurel and I did.

(of course Keslie didn't get in the water, but why let a cute little bathing suit go unused?)

Yup, it's been fun! We have really worn the kids out so they sleep really well at night. They even sleep really well during lunch!

I love my life!