Friday, September 26, 2008

All in a Week's Work

September is always a busy month for us, and this one was no exception. Among all of the craziness at our house, we have almost missed the leaves changing colors around here. One thing I do love about living in Utah is that we do get to experience every season. The mountains look like they are on fire right now with the red and orange trees. So beautiful! But, where did summer go? It seems like it just got here and now it's fall already! Why is winter the loooongest season ever??? Okay, before I start complaining too much since winter isn't even here yet...back to our week!

Fancy was full force at our house when Brooklyn had a Fancy Nancy birthday party to celebrate turning 5 last Saturday! We had 8 other little girls from church, preschool, and the neighborhood over to make wands and crowns, hit at a Fancy Nancy pinata, and blow out candles on Brooklyn's crown cake! Wow! Everyone had a great time and Brooklyn said it was the best party ever, which made me smile, but that was a lot of girls though! Tim left towards the end to go to the BYU game but luckily Steph was there to help me out or I don't know what I would have done! Tim felt bad later and took me to Spoon Me! He can leave anytime he wants as long as that is how he makes up for it!

Monday, Tim and I celebrated our 7th anniversary! I'm getting old! I have a 5 year old (plus two more) and have been married now for 7 years! Don't be jealous girls, but Tim planned the ultimate romantic getaway. He actually won a party at Noah's, which is a way cool reception hall type of place, for us and 5 other couples to watch Monday Night Football. I know, what better way to celebrate our anniversary than with football and Tim's closest guy friends. I can't even tell you who played because the boys sat on the sofa and watched the game while the girls sat around the bar area and did some girl talk. But hey, the kids were with Grandma and Grandpa, and The Pie donated pizza and drinks for the event. We even got free t-shirts! Tim always has been good with gifts! Happy anniversary, babe! You are the greatest and I love you!

Tuesday was Brooklyn's actual birthday so we went with The Haws Family to the new Frozen Yogurt Junction. It's a little place with do it yourself frozen yogurt and toppings and then you pay by the ounce. Genius idea, if you ask me! I can load up with whatever I want and give the kids just a little bit without paying for a whole size. I'm pretty sure the owner wanted to kick us out though. Wouldn't you if some irresponsible parents chit chatted the night away while their 7 kids destroyed the place??? Happy Birthday my little princess! I can't believe you are 5 already! What a sweet and beautiful little girl you are growing up to be. I love you!

This is one of the many reasons why I love Brooklyn: here are some pictures of the treasure hunt she sent me on a few weeks ago. Just imagine her little mind going as she put this together. It took her forever to do, and even longer to clean up! She was so excited about it though. She is this creative little girl who is a little OCD when it comes to coloring in the lines. She literally spends hours every day coloring and is a really good artist for her age. She is a brilliant little girl who loves life. She is such a good big sister and loves her grandmas like crazy.

The treasure hunt started in the loft... went all the way down the stairs...

...and all the way to the front door...

...and this is the treasure box at the end of the trail...yes, she did paint and decorate this herself!

And look at my treasure! The letter "I" and some little hair clips!

Wednesday was bitter-sweet. The Halls came down, which was SO exciting for us, but they just came to clean out the rest of their stuff from their house, which was SO sad for us. All the more official that they really aren't coming back like we had been hoping. It was great to spend the day with them while we helped them get everything loaded into their trailer to take back to Idaho and we were greatly rewarded with a trip up to Spoon Me later that night. Can't get enough of that stuff!

Oh yeah, here are some pictures of my cute Keslie-Boo and her war wounds. Brooklyn accidently dropped her this week. I was unloading the dishwasher and she was holding her on the couch when I heard a BIG thud. I still don't know exactly what happened, but Brooklyn said her hands slipped and she felt awful. Poor girls!

They still love each other though!

Thanks for sticking around through that never-ending post!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poor me, GTU, and Hubby of the Year!

So, I'm normally not one to complain to the blogging world, where everyone probably thinks my life is just one big party. The kids are cute and happy all the time and we do lots of fun stuff together as a family and with friends. But, the truth has to come out...sometimes, my life is less than perfect. Shhh, don't tell anyone!

I had a horrible week last week. Monday after getting my booty whooped at Turbo Kick, I decided to call the dentist about my sore tooth. An hour later, I was in his chair getting a root canal! Yuck! I happened to get sick too. I had the worst cold I have ever had. I know, a cold, wah wah, cry me a river. But really, it was bad! So, when I woke up the next day, not only could I not breath, but I was swollen and bruised from the root canal. Half of me looked like I did after my jaw surgery when I was 18. Some of you may remember that wasn't the best look for me.

(warning: totally embarassing picture coming up, but I had to put it in for the full effect of the story!)

Anyway, I was just out of it all week. I don't even think I talked to my sisters for at least 2 days in a row! I had to go back to the dentist to get some antibiotics, had to fight with them a little about paying for that visit, etc, etc. The kicker is that Tim left Friday to go on a "posse" trip down to Mesquite for their first annual golf tournament. I'll complain about that later, but after my really hard week, I still wasn't feeling good, and then I was left for the weekend with the kids by myself. Poor me, huh! But, I survived and I was proud of myself. I even did my weekly coupon sense shopping trip to 2 different stores with all 3 kids and was feeling so good about our outing and saving tons of money that we went to get frozen yogurt for dinner! I got everyone bathed and ready for church on Sunday, got dinner in the crockpot, and still got to church with 10 minutes to spare. (You have to in my ward on fast Sunday if you don't want to sit in the foyer the whole time. We have so so so many baby blessings every month!) I survived church and even had the house clean and dinner ready when Tim got home that afternoon. I sound like super-mom, don't I?

I know I made Tim sound like the bad-guy in this story, and there were a few moments over the weekend and the days leading up to it, where I was a bit frustrated. How would he feel if I picked up and left for 3 days and left 3 kids with him? How come it seems like he has all the freedom in the world to do stuff like that? It's not like I can pick up and go golfing, or shopping, or anywhere at all with my friends without arranging for a babysitter, pumping some bottles, packing snacks and diapers and treats and toys, etc. But, long story kept from being too much longer, Tim more than redeemed himself today...

I got two tickets to go to the live taping of Good Things Utah and my neighbor, Steph, was coming with me. It wasn't very easy for Steph to find a babysitter, and I wasn't willing to pay for one for me, so we were going to suppress our excitement and not go, but then Tim stepped in. He volunteered to stay home from work and not only watch our kids, but Steph's two kids as well! Granted, Brooklyn was going to be at preschool, Keslie and Benny would nap, and he would only have Abbi and Tallan for the majority of the time, he was such a saint to take on 5 kids! I know! Husband of the year right here in my house! So, Steph and I had so much fun at the show! We were totally star struck with the girls and they were SO nice. I feel like they are my friends now! I even answered some trivia over the commercial break and won an awesome workout DVD featuring latin dance with Cheryl from Dancing with the Stars. Watch out! I'm going to have her body in just a few weeks! We took advantage of Tim's generosity and stopped at our two favorite places on the way home...Orson Gigi, a baker's dream store, and of course, Red Mango. Mmm Mmm Mmm!

Thanks, Timmy! You are absolutely the best ever! You totally redeemed yourself and more! I love you so much!

Monday, September 15, 2008

I love to laugh!

If you are looking for an out-loud, belly achin', tears rolling down your cheeks, laugh, this is where you can find them...

A couple of my girlfriends told me about this blog that just makes them laugh, and today, I needed a good laugh so I checked it out. I'm addicted! I think this girl needs to be my friend because she's just hilarious. I have been reading her blog on and off almost all day and from what I've gathered, she's LDS, probably lives in Utah or Salt Lake County, prego with her first baby, and so in love with life. Her writing style is just awesome. You can tell it's exactly what she's thinking. Anyway, I can't do it justice, just start reading!

Seriously, So Blessed

My sister, Jenn, makes me laugh a lot too and her posts are great. Here's one inparticular that is close to my heart these days...

A Letter to a Long Lost Friend

So there you go, have a good laugh on me!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Back To School!

Yay! Brooklyn went back to preschool last week! She was so excited to go, but probably not as excited as I was. It's great to get back into routine and get her mind stimulated by someone other than me. She is going to Little Meadow Preschool with Mrs. Ockey, who is in our ward and we just love her. We were a little bummed that Brooklyn missed the kindergarten cut-off by just a few weeks, so she didn't get to start kindergarten with her friends from church, but we know she will have good friends no matter when she starts.

She also started dance, which she was very excited about. After her first dance class she said to me, "mom, I liked dance, but preschool was way more fun!"

I said, "Oh yeah, why is that?"

Brooklyn replied, "Because at preschool you get snacks!"

This girl knows what is important!

My Buddy Turned 2!

Words can not describe how much I love this little boy. He is very mischievous at times, a little rough with other kids, but mostly, just so sweet and lovable.

Tallan loves to be the best helper whether he's at my side while I'm cooking, cleaning, or taking care of Keslie. As soon as he hears the garage door open when Tim gets home from work, he stands at the door so excited for him to walk in. Tim sits on the couch to take off his shoes, and Tallan takes them to the shoe closet. It's their little routine and it's so cute! Brooklyn loves to ask, or tell, Tallan what to do all the time, and he does it with a smile.

This kid makes us laugh SO hard too! He says the funniest things and makes the most hilarious facial expressions. He LOVES hats and shoes no matter what size or color!

Tallan loves to snuggle and although there are quite a few things I can't wait for him to grow out of, I hope that is never one of them.

I love all that Tallan teaches me about boys. Like the fact that anything can be made into a weapon, and it usually is.

I can't wait to watch Tallan continue to grow and constantly put a smile on our faces.

We love you, Buddy!

Monday, September 01, 2008


GO JESSICA!!! She totally is the first million dollar winner on Deal or No Deal!!! It honestly couldn't have happened to better people and I am so happy for them!


Ross and Jess Win!
watch the video