Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rush II

This blog is normally not about me, but I really have something to be proud of. Over the past year now, I have been working very hard to lose my baby weight...3 baby weights to be exact. I have been exercising very consistently and even changed some of my bad eating habits. No more white bread or ice cream for me! I know, weird! But, I have lost 17 pounds now and I can finally see and feel a difference. (you can check the blog for pictures a year ago and see for yourself!) As part of my motivation, I made a goal to someday run at least a half marathon, but a couple of months ago, I got a call from my Aunt Patty that someone had dropped from their Ragnar team and I jumped on the opportunity.

This past weekend was a huge physical and mental accomplishment for me as I ran in the Wasatch Back Relay with 11 other team members in 2 vans. It was amazing. There are a few words that describe the experience I had...

no eating
no sleeping
188 miles
finish line

Our team, Rush II, finished 85th out of over 400 teams. We did it in 28 hours and 20 minutes. Wish I had more pictures, but I was too tired to take any.

Can't wait until next year!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

As usual, it's way too late and I should be in bed fast asleep, but I really need to update this struggling blog of mine.

First of all, let me just say that Tim and I really feel like grown ups because we got a brand new bedroom set delivered today and it's our first real "set". We painted the walls this past weekend in preparation for the big delivery and had so much fun getting the drawers filled and everything organized tonight. We still have to find some good wall decor and lighting fixtures, and our window coverings won't come for another month, so I am going to wait to post any pictures until it's all complete. I know the suspense it probably going to kill you, right?!

Brooklyn had a run in with the sidewalk when she was running in the rain and she got her first stitches. Just 3 in her chin and she was very brave. I was brave too. I stayed very calm holding her chin together until Tim could come home from work with the car-seats. While Brooklyn was sitting on the kitchen counter with me holding her chin together with a paper towel, she started to fall asleep. Since I didn't actually see the fall I was worried she might have hit her head so I gave her a little quiz to see if she was still with us and this was our conversation:

Me: "What's your name?"

Brooklyn: "Brooklyn"

M: "How old are you?"

B: "Five:

M: "Where do you live?"

B: "California"

Ummm, should I be worried, or is it just wishful thinking???

Tallan didn't want to be left out of picture taking.

For the record, Keslie was taking a nap. I do love her too!

My mom and Brian, and my sister, Val, came up to SLC for a very disappointing appt at Huntsman last week (see my mom's cancer blog), and we were able to celebrate my Aunt Lynn's birthday with her. She is my dad's sister and is very special to me.

My mom is hanging in there and doing a lot better than we had anticipated. For a quick update...she finished her 15 treatments of back radiation, and has had 5 on her brain already. She has her 2nd chemo treatment next Tuesday. She hasn't lost any hair yet, but we are kind of expecting that to happen any time now. She is getting tired, but is actually letting herself sit and rest. That is something I have NEVER seen her do. She is just amazing! I can't thank everyone enough for all of the prayers, fasting, thoughts, and support. We are all surrounded by such awesome people.