Sunday, August 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Parker!

Just wanted to give a shout out to Parker Whitford, Brooklyn's BFF, boyfriend, and some day husband. Happy 4th birthday! Wish we were there to celebrate with you! Hope you had a great day!
Parker's 2nd b-day

Parker's 3rd b-day


Not only did Tallan look totally handsome this morning all ready for church (thank you cousins Ethan and Drew for the oh so cute tie!), but I had to take a picture of his new favorite thing to do...he LOVES to talk on our cell phones. As soon as he sees a phone laying around, he says, "Hi-doh?" and goes for it. He puts it up to his ear and says over and over again, "hi-doh? hi-doh?" I promise I don't talk on the phone that much! Some of his other vocabulary consists of, "uh-oh, dada, ball, and o-da buh" which we aren't sure exactly what that means, but he sure says it a lot! By the way, as much as I loved the dirty hands, knees, and tops of his feet all the time from crawling, he is taking more and more steps all the time! I can't wait to have a little walker!

Look at that face!

The Posse

We finally broke down and got a new camera and our first picture taking experience with it was at a BBQ we had at our house last night with Tim's friends from high school, "The Posse". They got that name because a news reporter once wrote an article about a group of boys in Spanish Fork that started a gang and the reporter referred to them as The Posse. It was Tim's group of friends and the name stuck. They even have a website they keep in touch with each other on called The Posse Page. As much as us wives make fun of them, it's actually pretty cool. They had such a close group of guys in high school and they are almost all within an hour from each other now and try to get together as often as possible. So, we had these guys over with wives and kids and had a lot of fun. We were missing about 8-10 of the guys, but we'll try and get them next time!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thanks a lot, Jenn!

My camera is broken so I don't have any recent pictures, and may not have any for a while, but thanks to my creative sister, Jenn, my blog has a new look! Thanks for the help...she told me where I can get cutesy title bars, accents, and templates. Almost 2 hours later, I figured out how to do the title. I'm exhausted though, so maybe I'll try and figure out the rest another night. Be sure to check out my newest nephew, baby Ty, on their blog though! (follow the link to "The Daniels Family" from my sidebar) He is absolutely adorable!

ps...she wrote the little poem about her days as a mother of 3 boys on the upper left of her blog! Way cute! I'm so proud of her!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Making a house a home

Yes, we have been in our new home a whole month now and I am finally getting around to decorating! I have started adding a few personal touches throughout with vinyl, and still have a long way to go, but it's so much fun for me! Here are a couple little things I have done so far...

This is in Brooklyn and Tallan's little playroom under the stairs. Brooklyn was very excited to have the alphabet with the fun animals along the wall and especially loved the little "PLAY" definition. One evening when I told her it was time to clean up in the playroom, she brought me inside the room, pointed to it and said, "mom, look! It says 'to make a mess'!" Well, she was right!

Don't worry, I won't take a picture of everything I hang on the wall, but since this was the first, I wanted to share now that our house is feeling more like a home.

Girls night out!

Last Friday night we had a much needed, long awaited, girls night out. We had a mini baby shower for Buffy and Sarah at Brick Oven. We ate good food, and opened presents. Then we headed over to Riverwoods for a little shopping and dessert from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We got a chance to catch up since it had been a month since I moved already and even though I'm not too far away, I haven't had too many opportunities to see the girls, and I miss them!