Saturday, January 17, 2009

My First Wedding!

Check out the post on my food blog to see how my first wedding cake turned out!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Where does the time go?

I'm going to repeat the words of my sister and say "I suck at blogging"! I really do though! You would think that this past two months I have been absent in the blogging world meant that I have been able to spend lots of quality time with my kids who are all healthy and happy, my house is spotless with all the past blogging time I have now spent cleaning, I have lots of yummy dinners and treats on my food blog, and I have solved world peace. Probably none of the above are true though. It is like I have blinked and two months have gone by. I don't even have any pictures! But, here's as much as I can remember...

We spent Thanksgiving in Gilbert with my sister's family and my mom and Brian. SO fun! Did lots of shopping and eating. Spent way too much time on a 2000 piece puzzle of Las Vegas. Who knew it could take 6 adults their full attention while 6 kids were neglected for hours on end to complete the darn thing. Oh wait, I forgot it took us twice as long because my little angel boy, Tallan, pulled it off the table in one of his fits of rage. But it was fun nonetheless. Did I mention my sister and I ate a dozen Sprinkles cupcakes single-handedly? We vote that Strawberry is the best! (Jenn, I still need pictures from that week!) Thanks for a super fun week as always!

After a 12 hour drive home, I was ready to get the Christmas tree out and decorated, laundry done, and ready for the week. Tim moved his office home and we swapped places. I started back to work full time while he works from home/takes care of the kids. We switch after my shift is over and he goes into his office while I'm home. As hard as it is for me to be away from the kids, you do what you have to do. I was able to be a stay-at-home mom for 4 months, and now we are lucky we both have jobs with good insurance.

Here are a few of the fun things we did during the Holidays though...

Decorated gingerbread houses

Drove through the Festival of Lights at Thanksgiving Point with the Shultz's. (The kids took the pictures so this is what we get from that)

We had a great Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Flinders. They had a sleepover on Christmas Eve and we watched a movie about Christ's birth, had treats, read Christmas stories, and got cookies and carrots all ready for Santa and his reindeer. Tim woke us all up to open presents before 7am so yes, it is still dark outside.

We have gotten a TON of snow already this year which makes for a lot of fun being pulled around the neighborhood on sleds by the 4-wheelers. The dads and kids have spent hours doing that.

Brooklyn and Tim also went skiing up at Alta and Brooklyn got some awesome war wounds from a fall on her face to prove it.

Tallan wanted his picture taken too, but only appropriate since I gave him a haircut this morning and really messed up, so he doesn't have much hair left. Whoops!

And I can't forget Keslie. She is almost 8 months and I can't believe it. She hates baby food but will eat anything we are eating for dinner. She get her first tooth finally and survived me pulling her elbow out of it's socket and getting it put back in place. She is taking her time with mobility which works out great for me. She is such a sweet little girl though and we just love her like crazy!

We have loved all the time we have spent with family and friends. It's been a non-stop party for about 3 weeks now but we are ready for whatever is closest to normal around here.

Here's to a great '09 and being better at taking pictures and blogging!