Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Welcome Home Elder Ehorn!

After two long years, my little brother is finally home from his 2 year mission in the Philippines. We had such a great reunion spending the weekend together hanging out and hearing all of his great stories. Joel was an amazing missionary and I'm so proud of his hard work and service. He truly loves the people he served and I know he bettered the lives of so many people. He gave an amazing homecoming talk on Sunday and there was not a dry eye in the congregation. We got some family pictures done in my mom's backyard by the amazing Dion Seneca. Check out her blog to see how talented she is. Here is a preview of the pictures she took for us!

The whole fam!


Joel and Mom

He didn't waste any time getting back into the swing of things and started school already at Dixie. Now we need to find him a wife! Any takers?

More pictures of the fun weekend coming soon!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Tim had a birthday!

Tim's birthday was coming up and we had a whole night of fun planned. See, we have this babysitting swap thing going on with two other families in the ward where we watch all 8 kids (ages 5,4,3,2,2,1,8 m and 6 m) one night and then they each take a night so we get 2 date nights a month where we don't have to pay a babysitter. It's awesome! Anyway, we had the kids all taken care of and had planned to go out to a nice dinner with the our friends, the Shultz'. The big day came and all of a sudden around 11am Tallan started crying that his ears hurt. Uh oh! He was whining and grumpy all day so we had to cancel our plans. We still took Brooklyn over to the babysitter and we took Tallan and Keslie out with us to find a movie. Tallan was really mellow at this time so we thought we would try and go get some dinner. We ordered our food and a few seconds after our soup came out, Tallan leaned under the table and started throwing up! With no warning! This is not unusal for Tallan because he's been throwing up since he was born as most of you may know, but it's never happened in a restaurant before! We asked for our food to go and left a big tip. Sorry! So, Tim's birthday was a real bummer, but the next day we had Tim's parents, aunt and uncle, and cousins over for dinner and cake and ice cream and it was so yummy that is almost made up for the day before!

(The recipe for the cake will be on my food blog in the next week or so for those interested)

Happy birthday, Tim! We love you so much and couldn't get through a day without you. Thanks for all you do for our family! You are the best!

Party with The Halls

Our good friends and ex-neighbors came to town to finalize the adoption of their beautiful baby girl, Paisley. I had to work that day and the only way I could get them to stay an extra night with us was to have a party for them at our house. It was a win-win situation because I love having parties anyway. Amber and I made a lot of really good food, and The Halls were able to see some old friends from the ward. As an added bonus we stayed up way too late playing the train game, eating more food, and talking, just like old times.

Sweet baby Paisley. Isn't she beautiful!

We miss you, Treycen!

Becky B, Amber, and me with our baby girls!

Adam and some of the YW. He's such a nerd!
You know, Halls, your house is still right next door and still available. You really should just come back. Please come back!

Fieldtrip to the Fire Station

For one reason or another, Brooklyn has missed out on the trips to the fire station for the past 2 years of preschool. This past weekend we were lucky and got our own personal tour though because her good friend, Sydney, has a firefighter for a dad. Fireman Shultz invited us to come up and hang at the firestation for an afternoon and we had so much fun!

Tallan was the only one who would put the helmet on and it was so heavy he could hardly hold his head up.

The kids spent the whole time making this stretcher go up and down while they were sitting on it. They even wore out the whole battery! I think the entertainment would be worth the investment in getting my own!
Tallan got hooked up to the heart monitor and we even got a print out of his heart beat!
They were good little students in the ambulance!

Thanks, Shultzy!