Sunday, April 22, 2007

What a week!

Yesterday when we went over to the house for our weekly visit, we were amazed at all they got done this past week. The roof is on, most of the windows are in, the electrical is done, our fireplace is in and the tubs and showers are installed as well. Tomorrow we do our framing walk-through to make sure everything is done the way it's supposed to and then they will finish up the plumbing and begin the sheetrock. It's all very exciting for us! One of the pictures is the view of our house from the house across the street, one is of the fireplace (obviously) and one is of the view from the master bedroom. We can't wait for everyone to come visit!

Monday, April 16, 2007

framing is complete!

We went by the house on Saturday and were so surprised to see the progress that was made throughout the week. The framing was basically done and the showers and tubs were in the garage ready to be installed. The superintendent on the jobsite decided to add some upgrades as standard now so we got a pantry, and a garden tub in the master bathroom! That was another great surprise! We are very impressed so far with Alpine Builders and definitely recommend them! We have heard so many horror stories from some friends who had really bad experiences with their builders. So far, it's been a positive experience for us!

Tulip Festival

Tim's parents took us to the Tulip festival at Thanksgiving Point this past weekend and it was so amazing. I had never been to the garden's there, but they are so beautiful. Even Brooklyn loved it and wanted to stop at every little sign in the ground so we could tell her what the flowers were called. The weather was great and we really enjoyed ourselves.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Tallan is getting so big already! He is 7 months old now and started eating cheerios yesterday for the first time. He is crawling around and talking so much more. He's even starting to get some hair. Before long, he'll have more than his dad! He's such a fun, happy baby, and I think he's adorable!

more progress

The first floor framing on the house is done! It's very exciting and we were told on Friday that it will probably be done a lot sooner than expected. Yeah!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

book worm

Oh yeah, while the adults were socializing and eating, the kids had more fun than we did in Brooklyn's room. Now I really know she has way too many books!

Conference Weekend

What a fun Conference Weekend we had! Friday night we "settled" with Brian and Sarah and we continued the tradition of the girls winning. Yeah! Saturday I got to watch conference and after the priesthood session we had some friends over for a little chocolate fountain fun. Sunday morning we had conference breakfast at our house with 4 other families and had our regular Sunday dinner with Tim's parents. I met my aunt in Salt Lake to pick up 3 of my cousins and tomorrow I am off to Hurricane with the 5 kids! Ambitious I know! We got another letter from Joel and he is just doing great. He loves the MTC and his companion. He says his comp is very humble which is helping him work on being more humble himself. The language is coming great and he says the spirit there is amazing.

I just love conference weekend and the amazing talks we hear and the spirit we feel. There are always a few talks that I love more than others. This conference I loved Holland's talk on using your tongue in a positive way, Jensen's talk on music, and Oaks' talk on marriage. I do always love to hear Monson and Hinckley as well as many others too of course. We feel so blessed to be part of this amazing church and to have the Gospel in our lives.