Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Proud Parents

I wish I could call my parents and tell them I applied for a big promotion at work and was offered the job. It will be a big challenge and a lot of work, but I'm excited about it. I think they would be proud of me. And I know they know, etc, etc, but sometimes I wish I could see their faces light up with news of the accomplishments of me or my kids, and sometimes I wish I could hear them say, "Way to go, Bec! That is great news!".

They would also be proud of my little brother, Joel. He was also given a big promotion at work. He went from a sales position at Simply Mac in St. George, to managing an entire store in Layton almost within a year of starting. He is an amazing dad and husband, and friend.

I know they are proud of my sister, Jenn, too. She has been a very dedicated city council woman in Gilbert. She stands up for what she believes in no matter what criticism she gets for it. She is a fun loving mother to her 3 boys and now her little princess, Kate. I'm sure my mom sent her baby Kate, just like she promised she would before she left.

I think my mom and dad would be most proud of my sister, Val. She has really taken on the role as matriarch of our family. She has become the one that I call for advice, to share exciting news with, and the one who calls to check up on me when more than a few days have gone by when she hasn't heard from me. Before my mom died, she asked Val to be PTA President at their elementary school. Val did it this year, and did an incredible job. She worked very hard all year long.

I am so proud of all of my siblings and I love them so much. I am so grateful for how close we all are. They are my best friends. I don't know if I could have gotten through losing my parents without them. I am so lucky to have them and I am so proud of where we have all come in the past year. It's really amazing! My parents must be proud. They made us what we are!


Danielle Spangler said...

I know I am proud of you!

hi, i'm brooke! said...

Ditto Danielle...I'm so proud of all of you, that's for sure! Love my cousins!

Marie HMJ said...

This is such a beautiful post.

Ricki said...

Thank goodness you KNOW that they are proud of you and do know that all of you have become amazing people thanks to the amazing example they both were! I am glad that you can pen how you feel. I think it is healthy and important that we don't keep our feeling bottled up! I am just glad that their legacy, example, and drive lives on in 4 amazing people that someday will get to spend Eternity with them!

Laina said...

You made me tear up Bex. Love you!!! And they are above watching you and so so proud always!