Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Saturday is a special day!

Saturday morning I went to Mainspring Day Spa for my 3 hour spa getaway. I did an hour in the spa and sauna, an hour massage, and an hour facial. It was amazing and so relaxing and the best part, it was quiet. Tim and I ran some errands and then I dropped Brooklyn and Tim off at the movies for their date and I went with Shannyn and Jenny to Buffy's jeans party. I really wanted these People's Liberation jeans so bad, but couldn't justify the $100 bucks for them this month. Saturday night we did our monthly dinner date with Buffy and Ian, Shannyn and John, Jenny and Chris, and Brian and Sarah. It was pretty crazy with all 5 kids this time, but it was fun as always!

Miss America

Last weekend I went with some friends up to Park City to do some shopping and left Tim home with the kids, so this weekend he went up to the Blaze game with his friends and I stayed home with the kids. Luckily for me, Brian was out of town too, so Sarah and I got to hang out. We went to Old Navy, and then got sandwiches for dinner at Ernies. On the way home, we decided we could really use a milkshake so we got one at Carl's Jr and it was SO good! We got the kids to bed at her house and turned on the tv to watch a movie when the Miss America pageant was on, so we decided to watch for a minute. We were commenting on how ugly this one girl's dress was from afar and when the camera zoomed in on her, not only was it Miss Utah, but it was my old roommate, Heather Anderson! She was Miss Sandy when we were roommates and we used to walk around the apartment wearing her crown and she used to get so mad at us! She made it to the top 10 (go Heather!) but was eliminated when they named the top 5. It was fun to see her do so well though!


There will be a lot of posts about our house and it's progress each week, so I hope it's not redundant, but it's very exciting for us! But, the foundation was poured the end of last week and framing should start this week if the weather cooperates. Yeah!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

We have a hole!

Yeah! After almost 4 long months of waiting, we finally have a hole for our future home! Only 6 more months to go now! I can't wait!

Elder Ehorn

Elder Ehorn made it to the MTC. We went to take him with my mom and Brian and while my mom and I were crying and giving Joel hugs before he went out the missionary door, all he had to say was, "See ya in two!". He was very excited and anxious to go and we are all very proud of him.

Joel's Farewell

We had an awesome time in Hurricane for Joel's farewell on March 11, and it was so great to have so many people there to support him. We had lots of family and friends there, and the girls definitely outnumbered the boys from Joel's friends. I was very bad at taking pictures though so I only have a couple of our family and of Brooklyn, Sadie (my cousin) and Maddie (my mom's husband's daughter's little girl...did you follow that?) We honestly didn't plan for Brooklyn and Maddie to have the same dress either! Joel did an amazing job on his talk though and he proved he has really grown up and is ready to go sreve in the Philippines!

what a slacker!

I decided I'm officially the worst blogger ever! So much has happened since I have last blogged and I'm really going to try and do better to at least update things weekly from now on!