Saturday, August 29, 2009

Triathlon - check

Tim and I did our first mini triathlon this morning. 1.5 mile run, 6 mile bike, 200 m swim. Wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

a little nervous...not quite knowing what to expect...hoping I don't fall off the bike or drown in the swim..

really tired...muscles starting to cramp...wish I had taken my shirt off for the swim...very proud of finishing...

My official time was 43:55 (Tim didn't want me to take a picture of his, but let's just say he beat me by about 40 seconds. I'm very proud of him!) I placed 6th in my division so I got a cool little ribbon. Kind of like the one you get in elementary school when you participate in the science fair. It was light pink and said 6th Place on it. Kind of embarrassing, but good motivation for me. Next time, I'm going to ride a bike more than once before the race and I'm planning on placing 1st.
We had a ton of fun, and challenge all of our family and friends to do it with us next year!

First day of School! First day of School!

After much anticipation, Brooklyn finally started Kindergarten. We met her cute teacher at back to school night the day before she started and we all love her. She really impressed us because she called Brooklyn by her first and last name without us even telling her and told Brooklyn how excited she was to meet her. Brooklyn felt so comfortable and wasn't the least bit nervous to start. Brooklyn was lucky to have her dad drive her to and from school for the first 2 days (I had to work, and yes, I cried that I couldn't be there), but she will start going on the bus this week.

We are so excited to see Brooklyn learn and grow this year!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

A Happy Birthday

So, Paige is our YW President and one of my good friends. Along with another leader and a couple of the Laurels we decided to decorate the front of her house the night before her birthday. We went all out. We hit up the dollar store and got tons of balloons, streamers, banners, blow up animals, etc. We even got construction paper and cut out 100s of hearts, attached them to pencils (couldn't find popsicle sticks!) to stick them all over her front lawn. The preparations began around 9pm and about 10:30pm we were ready for the attack.

We only got one heart stuck in the yard and I almost got one piece of tape holding up one of the banners on her garage when her porch light went on and the garage door started going up! We ran and hid! To make a very long story short this went on for about 30 minutes before we had to give up. She was messing with us the whole time because she happened to look out her window before going to bed and see us walk down the street with our arms full of equipment. We were a little disappointed we didn't get to carry out our plan, but it was still a very fun night. We brought a cake over to her the next day and we decided it doesn't have to be her birthday for us to try again. So, Paige, you better be prepared. We are coming back!


Goin' Golfin'

Tim and I were able to drop the kids of with Tim's parents and spend some one-on-one with each other, which doesn't happen very often at all. We went and played 9 holes and had so much fun. Tim was very patient with me because I'm a little slow, but I'm so glad we went and hope Tim will take me again often. I love that this is something we both enjoy doing together and love that we still have fun together when the kids aren't around. I even convinced him to take me shopping afterwards! Love you, babe! Thanks for the fun day!

A night out with the girls...

Just over two years ago Shannyn, Sarah, Buffy, and I lived close enough to each other that when our kids were sleeping we could just bring a baby monitor to the other's condo and still be able to hang out. By the end of this month, we will all be in 4 different states! First I moved to Lehi, then Buffy moved to Texas, Shannyn moved to Arizona, and Sarah is now moving to Oregon.

By some sort of miracle, we all happened to be in Utah the same night and were able to get together to shop, eat, chat, and laugh just like old times. We had so much fun and I hope that someday we will be able to do this again. Love you girls!

How old are we anyway? We had so much fun taking pictures of each other when we weren't ready for it to happen. They are so funny that I had to share. I apologize in advance to the girls, but they just make me laugh so hard I couldn't resist!